Sunday Recipe - Slow Cooked Mushroom Pork

Today's recipe is slow cooked mushroom pork. I feel that since I moved to Japan, my daily food is so healthy, every day has vegetables with a different kind of meat. Most of the time I eat chicken and pork, beef is little bit expensive compare with them. My favourite pork is the one I used today in this recipe. 

The ingredients needed are simply as below:

1. You favourite type of mushroom

2. Half onion - cut into slices

3. A pack of sliced pork - in Japan they already cut it for you (so you can choose what kind of pork you want, maybe that's why meat here is expensive)

4. White sesame, soy sauce, sugar, salt - these sauces almost become my everyday sauce :D

First heat some vegetable oil, fry all the ingredients together for about 3 minutes. Then add water that just cover all the ingredients. Add soy sauce, sugar, cook it for about 10-15 minutes.

Done! Add some white sesame or sesame oil to add some flavour. This is a very light weight recipe. I already lost 3 KG since I moved to Japan, I didn't control my diet at all (I don't really like sweets and other sweets, so barely eat them), just eat what I usually eat as 3 dishes a day. Sometimes (I mean twice a month lol) been forced to go to the gym for an hour walking + cycling. That's it. So you want eat something light, please check out my other Sunday Recipes.