Travel in Japan - Beans & Roasters Harajuku Pop-up Cafe

Last weekend, me and my boyfriend accidentally find this Beans & Roasters pop-up cafe near Harajuku. By that time, we were looking for a special cafe to relax after some shopping, then a sells guy on the street gave me a leaflet with a 100 yen off voucher. So we decided why not give it a go.

This popup cafe is in the back street of Omotesando, I like how they decorated the shop, very Shoreditch style :D. There were three guys standing outside of the cafe, they must be owner or management guy etc. The cafe is not big, just a couple of the tables by the big windows. As we don't want to wait for seats, so we decided to take out. By the entrance, there was a woman that gave me a kind of personal like/dislike list, you can personalise your coffee from how strong you want your coffee, different kind of milk, variety flavour etc. Each cup of coffee costs 300 yen, whatever how you personalised it, which is a very reasonable price around Harajuku and Omotesando area. Also, there was a table with different flavours that you can smell it before you decide what you want. 

I chose the set menu - white latte, my boyfriend got a dark latte. When they making it, the smell is so good. Also each cup of coffee, they will do a coffee art on the top :D. By the self-service area, you can add extra flavour to your coffee as well. I like my coffee has its original taste, so I didn't add anything extra. The taste? 10 out of 10! Love it so much! Some cafe they have that kind of coffee beans has the sour taste, which I don't like it. However, this coffee is amazing, compare with Starbucks, this is what coffee should taste like, Starbucks for me just like instant coffee, sometimes even worse (I usually order Americano, I am not sure how other products taste like, just personal opinion).

On the way back home, I was reading the leaflet I had got. Looks like Beans & Roasters they also have finish products for vending machine and convenient store, as well as their own brand coffee beans. Once I settle down in Japan, I would like to buy a home coffee machine and try Beans & Roasters' coffee beans.

Also, I like how this pop-up shop been decorated. The main theme is wood, with very light colour. As well as natural green plants displayed as decoration. The shop surrounded by huge windows, it makes the whole shop looks bigger than it actual size. The whole atmosphere makes you feel very comfortable when you enjoy your coffee with friends. My dream is opening my own coffee shop by the seaside somewhere in the world, this Beans & Roasters pop-up cafe gives me lots of inspirations. :D