Sunday Recipe - Slow Cook Miso Chicken

Today's recipe is slow cook miso chicken. This is a low fat and healthy recipe that easy to prepare after a busy day. You can do as a soup version as me, or just cook it as a quick fry dish.

First, heat some oil, then fry everything together for about 3 minutes, add the sauce, keep cooking for lie 5 minutes, if you want the fry version. If you want more soups, just add a cup of water before add the sauce in.

Done! slow cook miso chicken. I am eating healthier and healthier since moved to Japan. Hope you enjoy my healthy Sunday Recipe.

The ingredients needed are simply as below:

1. Chicken breast - cut into small slices. 

2. Any peppers you like - cut into the same size as chicken

3. Some mushrooms you like, or other materials you like, no need to be a mushroom, you can also use potato, carrot etc.

For the sauce:

4. Soy sauce, sugar, white or red miso (you can get it from Japanese supermarket) - mix them together before use