Sunday Recipe - Slow Cooked Pork With Egg

Today's recipe is traditional Shanghai food- slow cooked pork with egg. This was my favourite dish when I was young. My mom always need to put this at a high place so that I can't reach it lol.

First fry all the pork belly pieces with little bit oil. Each side maybe 1 minutes. Then fry the boiled egg as well until once the egg skin turns golden. 

Then add water until it just cover all the materials. Add soy sauce, salt, sugar. If you have some cooking wine, add some as well, this can add more flavour into the meat.

The ingredients needed are simply as below:

1. Pork Belly - cut into small squares

2. Couple boiled egg - lightly cut the side of it so the flavour can get in

3. 3-5 pieces of ginger

4. Soy sauce, sugar, salt

Then cook it until the water starting boiling, then cook it for about 1-3 hours by small heat, the longer you cooked the great flavour it turns out. 

Done. Here is how it looks after 2.5 hours. Be careful when you cooking slow cooked pork, don't forget about it, that will be very dangerous. Hope you will enjoy this slow cooked pork with egg recipe. Don't eat too much in one go. :D