Travel in Japan - Honohono cafe, Koenji, Tokyo

We found this cafe near the end of a local shopping street in Koenji. Koenji area separated by JR Koenji Station, this cafe is located in the south part of the area. Also, it is on the recommendation of some Japanese website. There is another stylish cafe on the other side, but the coffee was slightly expensive and there is no second floor, so we choose this lovely one instead. But I want to go to that one in the future as well.

The main theme of Honohono cafe is wood and nature inspired. All the furniture they use is vintage/retro ones. It is very difficult to say I like more urban style cafe or this kind of Japanese one, maybe it depends on the mood I had that time :D. We ordered a drip coffee and an Americano. The price was same, I think is around 350 yen each. The taste of the coffee is great! Americano compares with drip coffee tastes  lighter. Autumn in Japan is so comfortable, that we easily spend 2 hours there, just relaxing.

Besides these popular small coffee shops, Koenji also has a variety of vintage shops that you can find some good pieces with a lower price. I will write a post about random walking in Koenji that including some vintage shops next week. Follow me on Instagram to see more photographies and daily updates about living in Japan.

For people who like drinking coffee, reading a book or magazine, or just watching people walking pass, I highly recommended Koenji area. If you do a quick Google search - "高円寺カフェおすすめ (Recommended cafe in Koenji)", there are so many on the list that you can choose from. If I looking for something in Japan, I usually do both searchings in English and Japanese, so you can compare the result, because of some of the English results maybe just tourist opinion, however, Japanese result has highly chance that recommendation by local people.

Honohono cafe is built in a very traditional old Japanese style house, the 1st floor is smoking area, the 2nd floor is a non-smoking area. You can choose where you would like to relax. I really like the window seats by the entrance, you can see people who walking pass. Sadly I don't like the smell of cigarette, so we choose the window seat at the 2nd floor. There is a small Japanese tatami area which you need to take off your shoes, the other part is ok with just walking in. The tatami area is very quite, you can easily spend hours there. 

Honohono cafe also offers a range of lunch or dinner set that including spaghettis, sandwiches, salads and etc. I don't really feel that a cafe is a good place for proper food, so I don't usually eat there. But they also offer variety deserts that you can share with your friends. If the weather is good that day, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and wait for the sunset, the sky is so beautiful and peaceful.  After a short rest, you can head to the station area or the north part of Koenji. Most of the restaurants, izakaya (Japanese style pub/restaurants), foreign restaurants are located at that part of Koenji.