Sunday Recipe - Mince Pepper Roll

Today's recipe is mince pepper roll. You can replace pork mince with your favourite meat or seafood. It is a very simple and healthy recipe. Also if you have kids who doesn't like pepper, this can be way to make pepper taste great! 

First mix all the mince with the ingredients your like with some salt. Then let it rest for couple minutes. At the main time get your pepper ready. Then put mince into pepper, make each of them full, so during cooking it won't get lose. 

Done! add your favourite dressing sauce at the top, time to serve. This can also be a party dish that share with everybody. Hope you enjoy this Sunday's recipe.

The ingredients needed are simply as below:

1. Couple coloured peppers - in Japan red and yellow peppers are super expensive, so I used all green ones, then cut them about 3cm wide as a roll shape.

2. Pork mince - or you can use other mince you like, I put some tiny peppers and mushrooms to add more flavour.

3. Salt, soy sauce, sugar

4. Dressing sauce

Then fry all of them with some oil or better. each side maybe 5-10 minutes, until the colour of the mince turns golden. Then add some soy sauce, sugar keep cooking it for about 5-8 minutes.