Sunday Recipe - Pork Tofu Roll

Today's recipe is pork tofu roll. I saw this recipe one day on TV so I decided give it a go this week and share with your guys.

First cut your tofu into squares, then put pork slices outside, make it into a roll. Add some salt on the each side of the roll, then cover it with flour. At the meantime, heat some oil or butter in a flat pan. Once you get ever roll covered by flour, fry them until the colour turns golden. (Each side about 5 minutes).

Then you can eat it with your favourite sauce, or follow my recipe.

Add some soy sauce, sugar in the pan, add all cooked rolls and needle mushroom, a cup of water. Keep cooking it until the mushrooms turns soft. 

Done. Add some sesame and chilli powder as dressing.

The ingredients needed are simply as below:

1. Pork slices or bacon - bacon in Japan is very expensive so I used normal pork slices

2. Tofu - Hard

3. Needle mushroom - optional

4. Flour, soy sauce, salt, sugar

Hope you enjoy this pork tofu roll recipe. If you feel so guilty to eat so much meat during dinner, why not try this healthier recipe. Tofu can easily make you fell full and with less fat.

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