Travel in Japan -Nezu Shrine, Bunkyo Tokyo

The winter season starts from yesterday in Japan. However, Tokyo still isn't that cold for me. At the main time, Hokkaido has been already snowing and north part of Japan the leaf starting turning yellow and red. For me, this is the best season to travel around cities and countries. I like the design/architecture of Japanese shrines/temples, so I am always searching where are those shrines located in Tokyo. I saw Nezu Shrine one day on a leaflet I picked up somewhere, then I put to visit Nezu Shrine on my To-do List since that time.

Another attractive thing for me to visit different shrines and temples in Japan is to collect Goshuin, I will plan to write a specific post about Goshuin. Here is how it's actual look. So far I collected about 10 goshuins from different shrines and temples around Tokyo area. I like the black handwriting ink and the red stamp that connected with each other. During the waiting time, I saw this lovely autumn leaf on the floor which in a perfect shape, I should take it home and make it as a bookmark. :D

Now is the perfect season for walking around the city, hope my Travel in Japan blog posts will give you an idea where to visit when you plan to travel to Japan.

Sadly the weather that day wasn't that good, so the photos are all kind of grey without blue sky. Nezu Shrine is located in Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo. It is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. It is hiding behind the living area which is very peaceful. Like most of the shrine, it has a couple of different small shrines and the main shrine. But on the side of main Nezu Shrine, there is also a medium sized pond with couple fishes inside, you can climb up to the top of the "mountain", the view there is great. Except for those huge shrine in Tokyo, not much of other shrines has a pond inside. This makes Nezu Shrine more unique compare with others.

Not like the Meiji Shrine, Asakusa those famous shrines and temples. Nezu Shrine is more quiet and peaceful shrine to visit if you really want to enjoy a culture influenced afternoon. It also has the seasonal event during different seasons, so if you luckily travel to Japan during those special event seasons, I highly recommended go visit Nezu Shrine (other shrines have that seasonal event as well). You can easily find detail information about events online.

We spent around an hour in Nezu Shine, we saw couple local citizen that walking their cute dog, a group of people that taking photos, and a small local craft market. There are so many things that happening in Tokyo. Each part of Tokyo you can find different experiences and explore different places. There are two entrances that can access to Nezu Shrine. closer to the main entrance, there is a resident street that has couple local shops. some of them are European inspired, some of them still consist the traditional Japanese style. That is one of the reasons I like Japan, you can see both modern and traditional at the same time.