Travel in Japan - Sunshine State Espresso, Kuramae Tokyo

Recently, I had a great dinner time with my new friends in Tokyo. I am working on some freelance writing for her website called "True Taste Tokyo". The website is about stories inside Japan, including foods, lifestyles etc. 
If you followed my Instagram, you will know how much I love drinking coffee during the day. That is one of the reasons that I decide to go deeper into the coffee industry in Tokyo.

I am currently living in East Tokyo, where closer to Skytree and Asakusa. The funny thing has I discovered that all the east part of the city has more personality. Such as East End in London, Brooklyn in East New York etc. There are so much cool coffee shops around east part of Tokyo.

When I was struggling reading Katakana menu, the owner gave me an English menu which makes my life much easier. So don't worry if you don't understand Japanese. 
We ordered a cup of long black, a flat white and a pudding. The coffee taste great! I don't like sour taste coffee, the bean they used is not sour at all. The price is even cheaper than Starbucks. 

The whole environment is very comfortable. The cafe also provides free Wifi, also it is dog-friendly as well. During lunch time, there actually has more customer than I thought. Sunshine State Espresso also serve light cafe food, such as sandwiches, lunch set etc. I still don't use to coffee shop that serves proper food. For me, a coffee shop is more like a place that only serves coffee, some light dishes. My boyfriend says, that cafe I used to is more like British style. But cafes in Tokyo, there are more like European style.

I personally like these kind of stylish individual cafe than big chains, because you know the coffee you drink is "real". Also the atmosphere is more relax and comfortable.

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The weather last weekend was bad for outdoor activities, so we decided to relax at some local cafe. Sunshine State Espresso is located in Asakusa area. The closer station is Kuramae Station. I recommended walking from Asakusa station, it is about 15 minutes walk. So you can enjoy the riverside view as well as some local shops on the way. 

The cafe is hiding in a local resident area. It didn't have any obvious signs, so you can't found out it is a cafe until you walk closer. Outside the Sunshine State Espresso, it just a couple outdoor seats which are for people who need to smoke. We arrived around 12am, there was only a business man sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book. The cafe has about 5 individual tables and one big table inside. They also selling coffee beans as well, if you buy a bag of beans you can get a long black for free. :D
On their office website, they also offer coffee relevant experience event. You can experience how to make different kinds of coffee during the seminar. I might try it out once I finished my school.

I read a magazine about stylish cafes around East Tokyo area. (Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, Kuramae, Asakusa, Oshiage etc) during that day. There are so many stylish cafes that hiding in those places. I am so excited to explore them all. It is so easy to spend a day in a comfy cafe. It will make you more productive.