Travel in Japan - Suntory Horoyoi (ほろよい) Taste Challenge

I believe I finally completed this Suntory Horoyoi flavour drink challenge if they won't keeping launch new flavour (which I don't think is possible). -w-

So far there are 19 different flavours. Suntory Horoyoi collection actually is an alcohol drink. But it only contains 3% of alcohol, so tastes more like juice or soft drink.

If you want to try all of them like me, I recommend get them from Donkihote. Usually, big Donkihote has most of the regular flavours, as well as couple special one. Such as coke flavour. Then you need to pay attention every time when you visit different supermarkets or convenient stores. Because each of them maybe sells different flavours. 

Personally, I recommend drink it when its cold, otherwise it will become super sweet. Then among these 19 flavours, my top 3 will be White Sour (白いサワー),  Plum Wine Soda (梅酒ソーダ) and Lemon Ginger (レモンジンージャ). 

According to the official website, 13th December there will be two more time limited flavour be launched (Strawberry White Sour and Melon White Sour). Also during the beginning there will be another new one, which is grapefruit. I can't wait to try all of them.

As I mentioned before in my Kikkoman Milk Drink Taste Challenge. I really appreciated they way Japanese company doing their product investment and how they promote it.

I am a person that enjoy trying new flavours for every food, so they caught me. :D During  each season, Suntory Horoyoi will launch a time limited flavour. For example summer - pineapple flavour, autumn - apple flavour, winter - orange flavour. Every time when I planning to write this post, I will always find a new flavour in different supermarkets or convenient stores.