Travel in Japan - Tsukiji Fish Market

I finally cleared another must go place on my To Do List - Tsukiji Fish Market. Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest fish market in Tokyo. Must of the business is for wholesale. The Tsukiji Fish Markt should move to Toyosu area this November. But as the new place has some issues, so the new Tokyo major delayed the schedule. I am glad they delayed moving time, so I have time to visit the original Tsukiji Fish Market before it moved to a new place.

As there are more and more tourists go to Tsukiji as a travel spot, it also becomes a big problem for those businesses. Whatever how many attention we pay to during our visiting, due to Tsukiji still as a business spot, people starting complain a lot. I can see from some workers' reaction that they think we are disturbing their jobs. The inner market is huge, we just randomly walk around and try to take as much photo as possible. Once the fish mark moves to the new place, everything will be new. The market will lose its atmosphere that made by time. Also when you walking around in the market, you can feel the concentration when they are working. Cutting a fish sounds easy, but if you want to make it perfect, it needs experience and patient.

There are two station which can access the Tsukiji Fish Market, I recommended take Oedo Line to Tsukiji-Shijo station which is more closer to the inner market. 

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Tsukiji Fish Market is famous by tuna bidding in the early morning if you want to see the bidding you need to book in advance and go there around 3~4am. Once of my Japanese friend say sometimes you need to wait for about 2-3 hours to access the bidding area. The bidding only takes couple minutes, so not really worth it, as there is no time to let you figure out what are they talking about. 

The whole market separates as inner market and outside market. The inner market closed to tourists before 10am as they need to do business. The outside market is mainly restaurants selling fresh fish rice, ramen and etc. I highly recommended if you don't want to eat those famous restaurants (which may queue for more than 1 hour). Then there is no need to arrive super earlier. My boyfriend and I arrived there around 9:30am, and we walking around nearly market until 10am, then get into the inner market.

In the inner market/wholesale section, you will see lots of fresh fishes and seafood. After 10am, some of the shops accept individual orders, so if you want to buy some fresh fish for dinner, this is the best time to go. When we arrive at 9:30am there are people already queueing for those sushi restaurants. I personally don't think worth it. But if you really want to go and try how fresh are the sushi, get ready to wait for a really long time. Also, you can find more food at outside market. We actually found out the outside market on our way back to central Tokyo.