Travel in Japan - Iriya Plus Cafe, Tawaramachi, Tokyo

I just back home yesterday from a 2-day skiing trip to Minakami, Gunma. It was a very interesting trip, I will follow up the blog post maybe by next week. Let's back to my cafe adventure. 

Iriya Plus Cafe (イリヤプラスカフェ カスタム倉庫) is located near Tawaramachi Station. If you search the name by English, there will be two shows up on google. One is near Tawaramachi, the other is near Shitaya. I didn't be to the one near Shitaya yet. 

We ordered a simple drip coffee, a matcha latte and a chocolate cake. The coffee price generally higher than those ones I went before. Matcha latte compares with Starbucks contains less sugar, which is good. I think the whole cafe used to be an old factory, the cafe owner then use some wood to refurbish the building then turns it to a stylish cafe. The thing is there is no free wifi in the cafe, so carry a magazine or book if you want to go there for couple hours.

Because I can easily access to Asakusa Station from where I live, so usually I arrived at Asakusa Station then walk to those lovely cafes. I think this one is about 10 minutes walk. It kind of inside a resident area, but it you set your Google map right, it won't be difficult to find.

Outside of the cafe is very simple, just couple oversized window/door, plus a summarised menu.  You can see from outside that how big is the whole cafe. We arrived around 2 pm, there were couple groups inside the cafe. Go to the end of the room order your drink and food, then find the seat you like. We choose the seat in the front just by the door, so I can see people walking past. 

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