Japanese Fashion Magazine + Gift

I recently want to change my buying behaviour, which I starting feel waste money as well as time. At the meantime, get lots of things I don't really need to. When you living in Japan, you will find it is so difficult to stop buying things. All the things are cute, fun, however maybe useless (I mean not really need it). -w-

Japan is one of the top fashionable countries in the world. Of course, it has a variety of fashion magazines that you can choose from each month. I think Takarajimasha (宝島社) is one of the biggest publishing company which provides a big range of fashion, lifestyle magazines. 

My favourite one attachment is from last month magazine is a 2017 daily planner. The size is perfect, inside structure is good. I am thinking to get a new planner for 2017 for a long time, and I can't believe I got it from a magazine attachment. 

The attachment of that magazine will change by different season, the trend etc. Like this month, most of the magazine comes with a faux fur bag or some winter relevant stuff. However, the quality of the bag, you can't expect it will be as good as those ones in the store. But it still good for use.

Girls always fall in love with those cute little things. So I can't stop buying fashion magazine in Japan every time when I walking pass a convenient store. Sometimes I bought them just because I want the gift it attached, not the magazine itself. lol

Like last month the first one I got is Rineru リンネル, it comes with 5 different sizes of cat pattern bags. I loving cats, so I can't say no to the magazine. Then when I went to get some milk at a convenient store that day, I saw the magazine I am always purchasing comes with a leopard print tote bag, of course, I got it as well.

Then I think fashion magazines' gifts that collaborate with famous brand seems to become a trend recently. I got a magazine that comes with a Coach pen, notes and a box. Also, another one that comes with a small shoulder bag that has Harris Tweed fabric attached on.

I didn't get any magazines this month because I don't like this months' attachment, and I try to become more sensitive when I am shopping. If you like fashion and free gift, do check out those big bookstores near by, you can find almost famous fashion magazines in one go, and it is easy to compare which one you like to buy.