Travel in Japan - Cafe Oshiage - Switch, Tokyo

I accidentally found this lovely Cafe Oshiage - Switch when I was walking pass it couple weeks ago. Cafe Oshiage - Switch is located in Oshiage. If you don't know where is Oshiage, it is ok. But you must know Skytree, the tallest iconic in Tokyo. So this cafe just around that area.

I am currently planning a cafe guide around the east side of Tokyo. If you like to visit individual cafes, then check out my older posts as well. (Cafe adventure)

The whole cafe is not that big, with about 7-8 seats, large windows and kind of Brooklyn style interior design. I arrived there around 3-4pm, we are the only customer by that time. They offer cake set that including 3 cakes of the day + a cup of tea or coffee. I ordered oreo cheesecake comes with coffee. The display of the cheesecake is so pretty, as well as the taste.  The coffee comes with cake set tastes a little bit weak though.

Tokyo Skytree is a popular place during the weekend, usually, it is difficult to find a quiet place to relax. So I always check those back streets around the popular area. You will always surprise what you will find there. Like couple weeks ago I found this cool cafe. You can access Cafe Oshiage - Switch by taking Hanzomon Line towards Oshiage, then get out from B2 exit. It is hidden in a normal building on the 2nd floor. 

The another thing is they don't have free Wifi, so if you plan to spend a long time there with your laptop or work. I don't recommend this Cafe Oshiage - Switch. I found out that lots of Japanese individual cafes that don't provide free Wifi. Maybe they don't want people only spending a cup of coffee money and stay there for hour and hour. Well then, they might lose business chance as well. As I prefer to work at a good cafe more than at "home". (normal Japanese flat is awful, small and no view).

Here are couple cafes in my cafe adventure that provide free wifi: Sunshine State Espresso, Nui Hostel & Bar. If you come to visit Tokyo Skytree, and only want a short break, this Cafe Oshiage - Switch can be your spot. Otherwise, so far the other two will be better, also there is one more post about East Tokyo Cafe (cafe & gallery Tenabette) will coming up this Thursday.