Travel in Japan - cafe&gallery Tenabette, Tokyo

This week's coffee shop is called cafe&gallery Tenabette. It is closer to Asakusa area, from Asakusa Station to this coffee by walk about 10 minutes. When you see the Bandai building, the coffee shop is right in front it. 

I ordered a cake set, you can choose the drink you want and a cake. I choose Royal Milk Tea Latte and a scone. If you want extra jam or cream for the scone you need to add an extra price. Well, the coffee and scone are little bit disappointed. The royal milk tea latte feels warm not hot, which I don't like. And the scone tastes just ok, feels more like reheat product, not freshly made. (If I am wrong, sorry about that, it just my personal opinion).

The cafe getting busier after 3:30pm, maybe people getting tired after looking around or shopping. I think you can also book the place to holding an event or something like that. If you interested in this kind of area, you can check the information on their website. If you planning to visit Asakusa and don't like to wait for those "famous" cafes, this tenabette can be a good place for you. The coffee is just average, but the environment is better than those places full of people. 

If you want some places that with good coffee as well, then check out my coffee shop adventure in Tokyo. There are couple good cafes around the east side of Tokyo.

They shop is very stand out among resident area. I like how coffee shops in Japan mix with modern and natural to do their shop design. We arrived around 2pm, not that many people during that time on Sunday afternoon. Maybe because it closes to companies, and a little bit far away from tourist area. Well, I like quiet coffee shop, so it is good.


Tenabette provides free wifi and charger for laptop, so add some extra point for it. There is a big sofa seat by the window which looks so comfortable. Or you can have a seat in front of a bookshelf.