Travel in Japan - Tokyo Skytree Christmas Illumination

Recently I did post for True Taste Tokyo about couple must-see Tokyo illumination spots. I highly recommended Tokyo Skytree illumination. It didn't like other illuminations just lights, Tokyo Skytree perfectly combines lights, music, art with the architecture. Love how the projection works. I think so far, this one is my favourite.

They perfectly combined lights, animation with Skytree's structure. The whole show is about 8-10 minutes I think. There are couple different themes during the whole projection.  Here are couple themes that I like a lot. One is a candy bar with lips, very pop art style as well as the eye. When you still enjoy the animation and music, it is already the end.

I went there for a research purpose and with no aspect of any those amazing projections. The best place to see this amazing illumination projection is in the garden. Skytree is very complicated, so it is difficult to explain exactly where, but you will know where I am talking about when you see the map. It is not a big space, the lights there are very simple, even the Christmas tree is kind of small. I was kind of disappointed at the time. However, when the Christmas projection gets started, I was amazed. 

Little tip: Don't stand too closer to the bottom, otherwise after the show, your neck and arm will be super tired lol

I really like this Christmas illumination/projection at Tokyo Skytree. Imaging go to the top of Tokyo Skytree to see the view of Tokyo in the morning, during the night, enjoy a unique Christmas illumination projection at the bottom of Tokyo Skytree, what a special experience during this holiday season.

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