Travel in Japan - Walking around Osaka

I went to Osaka last week with my boyfriend's friends. I had been to Osaka 5 years ago with my best friend, that was my first time travelled to Japan. 


The whole 3 days plan was kind of bad, we flew to Kobe airport, then take a JR to Osaka, the funny thing was, we didn't have time to explore Kobe at all, it just a city to pass by. The first day basically travelled from Kobe to Osaka, then had some local Osaka food - Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. The lunch was good, but after that, I can't even remember what we did. I want to go to different shrines and temples around Osaka, in order to continue my Goshuin project. But seems other people not interested at all, they think its too far to travel. (I was so disappointed...)

osaka traditional food
osaka soba

So we just mainly walking around central Osaka area, which is Shinsaibashi. The most popular shopping area in Osaka. Like 5 years ago, there were so many tourists there. Here is my Japan Travel Photography post which contains photographies back to 5 years ago. I did remember one experience, which is we went to an onsen near the seaside of Osaka - Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku. Their famous  attraction is duck alley festival bath, as well as a variety of different type of onsens. The nearest station is Kitakagaya station. It is about 7 minutes walk from the station.

Picture from Kutsurogi-no-sato website

Picture from Kutsurogi-no-sato website

Then the next day, we rent a car and driven to Nara. Actually, this is the only aim "we" come for - Nara Dreamland, an abandoned theme park. I will write a specific post about Nara Dreamland later this week if you interested in urban exploring, don't miss out that post. :D.

Compare with travel with groups, I personally prefer travel by myself (as a couple) or with very closer friends. Because of fewer people fewer issues during the trip. I am a kind of weird person, for example, I know what exactly I want to visit during the trip I planned for. However, once you go with people who you are not that familiar with, there will be lots of more things you need to consider about. Such as, you can't "force" those people to go where the place that only you interested in, something like that, blah blah.

Also, I prefer living in a very valuable place during my travel, such as Airbnb, business hotel etc. And at the main time, I do not that care about what I gonna eat during the trip. Like my Okinawa trip with my boyfriend, we usually bought food from a supermarket. It save us so much money on the food costs during the trip. But this time, we spend so much money on food. 

I feel I didn't do anything, except eat and randomly walking on the street for finding a restaurant during this trip. I definitely will go to Osaka again only with my boyfriend, so I can do the things that I personally enjoy to do.

What kind of travel do you like? By yourself or with other people?