Travel in Japan - Brew Parlor 3615, Kiyosumi-shirakawa, Tokyo

Japanese New Year is very different as London, the night was so quiet, there almost no car and people on the street. And not like London, there are so many countdown TV programs with the firework.

After a busy New Year's day, the country kind of back to normal track ( a couple of them). I found a cafe that opens today near Kiyosumi-Shinakawa today to spend my second day in 2017 - Brew Parlor 3615.

It is a DIY coffee shop, so you will make your own coffee. There are two types of "machines" you can choose, one is French Press style, the other one is Drip Coffee. I choose drip coffee one, which is 500yen. The person working in the shop will measure the coffee powder for you, then you can get all the equipment you need from the sidebar and choose the cup you like. There is an introduction that teaches you how to make your own coffee with one of them. 

It didn't have an obvious sign outside, if you walk from Kiyosumi-Shinakawa underground Station, it is about 5 minutes walk and it is in front of a big Lawson. 

It is very fun to make your own coffee. You also can make your own card of this cafe by using stamps. Unlike another cafe, Brew Parlor 3615 only services couple light food, such as sandwiches. So if you prepare to eat in the cafe, I recommended maybe eat something locally before go there.

Brew Parlor 3615 provide free Wifi and I saw it has the charger as well. So fell free to bring a laptop and enjoy a lazy afternoon. Kiyosumi-Shirakawa area also has lots of stylish handcraft shops, cafes and other cool stores. So after a coffee break, it is a good place to do some adventure discover walk.