Travel in Japan - Cafe and Toast, Oshiage Tokyo

I am quiet busy recently, need to dealing with a shxtty rich girl suddenly shows in my life. It is a long story, so I don't really have time to update my blog.

Couple weeks ago before these annoying things happens I went to a cafe near Skytree Oshiage. I was shocked when I asking for wifi and found out I need to pay 300 for wifi and charger, then I found out this is a kind of core worker space/hostel.

The interior design is good, I like how the inside looks like and makes feel real relax. Mix with wood and green, some vintage table and chairs. Very simple and clean. You can easily spend a whole day inside.

Of course the view is incredible. You can see the Skytree just in front of you. Also you can watching people walking pass. 

However I might not coming back, as the coffee was so so, and I don't want to pay for wifi.

The view is good, the cafe is beside a small river in front of Skytree. Also it is a animal friendly space, so you can bring you lovely dogs, cats come here and relax.

The coffee price is above average, I ordered a latte, it been put in a plastic cup, which I don't like it. If the weather is good, you can stay outside and enjoy some refresh wind.