Travel in Japan - SaSaYa Cafe, Sumida Tokyo

I found this Sasaya Cafe on my cafe note. It located in a quiet weird place, which is difficult access by any public transport. So I walked there from my home, it about 20-30 minutes. Around that area, there are lots of different warehouses, and council houses, so that is why the cafe is base in a super cool warehouse. Also, it is a vegetarian-friendly and kids friendly cafe.  (It is kind of noisy with small kids.)

The cafe also has a "shop area" that selling some handmade, organic jam, coffee beans etc. I like the way they write the menu use chalk on a blackboard. But I feel they spend more time on interior design and selling organic foods. They should put more attention on how to improve the taste of the food (personal opinion).

The coffee there price is average, organic coffee is 400 yen (hot or cold). I ordered a hot and cold organic coffee with a black tea Cream Brulee. I usually don't drink cold coffee, but the cafe was super hot that day, so I just want something to cool down a bit. You can choose milk or soy milk adds into your coffee as well. However the Cream Brulee taste is below average, I won't pay about 400 yen for that in the future. There is a desert brand called GU in London selling in Waitrose which taste far more better than this one.

Overall of this cafe is ok. They serve organic food and drinks. It is not a perfect cafe for people who want a quiet space to working on something or studying. There is a huge playground in the front of the cafe, so if you have a big family, this cafe can be a good choice to spend a lazy afternoon. Also, it is kind of in nowhere, you need to either walk from Tokyo Skytree or Kinshicho. 

After a kind of shxtty week, finally, things seems going back to normal. I will back to my Tokyo cafe adventure as well. Also since the weather is getting warmer, I will soon start my Tokyo Shrine adventure post too. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see the latest photos and life in Tokyo.