Travel in Japan - Tokyo Tower

I never think about getting on Tokyo Tower by myself, because I don't want to pay for it. Luckily my last 3-month language school first trip is Tokyo Tower. Since I already paid for it, so why not?

The school got us the cheapest ticket which is 900 yen, you can rich the first level of Tokyo Tower. The lift is quick and quiet. I was afraid height, but actually, on the first level, I feel ok. The weather was good that day, so the view is super clear, you can see Skytree, Odaiba and lots of famous place. The interesting is I saw a group of old ladies that drawing. How cool is that, I wish when I was old I will do this kind of relaxing stuff as well. 

Well, it was a good trip, but it not really worth that 900 yen. You can have the same view at Shinjuku Government Building, and another kind of tall buildings. But if you want to experience once, I recommended the cheapest ticket, the view basically would be the same at the 1st level and the top level. 

Truly I don't really Tokyo Tower, I mean inside Tokyo Tower, those random shops make it feel very cheap. When I first time came here at 2010, I didn't have enough time to go inside but went I first time go inside this time I was shocked.

However, they have a good ramen restaurant in the food corner. I ordered a pork soup ramen, which tasted very good. The only bad things, there were lots of kid that day, they made the food corner super load.

The only thing will make me back there is if there will be a big snow in Tokyo. I want to see the whole city covers by white. I will be so nice to see.