Travel in Japan - Taiwan Desert Shop


Last week I fount this Taiwan desert shop 5 minutes away from my Airbnb place. It sells Taiwan tea and Taiwan traditional sweets -- sweet tofu (tofu with sweet soup and toppings).  My boyfriend ordered a tea set with one tofu comes with one topping (the topping is the same thing inside bubble tea). And I ordered a 3 topping set tofu with pumpkin rice cake, green beans and white fungus. These three toppings are very good for woman's body. 

Photo from Google Search

Photo from Google Search

It has been a long time that I upload a new post on my blog. The work getting busier and once the weather getting colder I just slowly lose productively. lol Since it is nearly the end of the year, I need to catch up my blog, my daily challenge and my mistress bullet journal. 

If you come across my blog before, you might know that I am running an Airbnb around Asakusa area for my boss (Check out here). I have been busy with managing the place, cleaning the place and clean up his old storage, make it into an office. Blah blah.


I never had sweet tofu before, so I am quite interested in the flavour and the taste. The base is I had chosen a ginger "soup", the sweetness was just ok. Because the tofu has no taste so when you actually combine those toppings with it, it did make sense to me. However, personally, I prefer my hometown salty tofu than this one. -w- 

Here is how it looks in Shanghai. The popular toppings on this are soy sauce, seaweed, pickle and spring onion.

If you want some light sweets during afternoon time, this can be a good choice.

Shop address: 4 Chome-43-4 Asakusa, Taito Ku,  Tokyo 111-0032