February Favourite List

Can't believe 2017 already gone 1/6. This month was very busy, learned to do something first time in my life, starting taking care of my skin (I know it was too late) and got rid off so many old/un-wear clothing bought lots of spring clothes. I am really looking forward a refreshing month. The bad news is I need to keep studying. The good news is I am staying in Japan until June for now.

2. Favourite Product

As I decide to take care of my skin from now on, I got this famous morning mask from Saborino. It has been rated Top 1 mask on the biggest Japanese beauty website - cosme.
The mask has a kind of mint smell, and you just put it after wash you face in the morning. It will help you to wake up in the early morning.

4. Favourite Food

Nagoya Red Miso Katsu (fried pork) Bento Box bought from Tokyo Station. I love miso and I always want to try red miso fried pork since I saw it on TV. So I bought it as my ekiben (a kind of bento box you bring it on Shinkansen and eat). I was around 1500 yen I think, and definitely worth it.

5. Favourite Event

Yayoyi Kusama: My Enteral Soul Exhibition at National Art Center, Tokyo. Love it! No need to explain. 

1. Favourite Outfit

The weather is getting warmer, spring is coming to Tokyo. I finally decided to sell (sell secondhand clothes online in Japan more like donate) those winter clothes and old/un-wear clothes I had. This white T-shirt has "Art is life" on it is from GU (same company as Uniqlo), their clothes have reasonable price and not bad quality. The leopard print skirt is from GU as well. (T-shirt 790 yen & skirt around 1000 yen).

3. Favourite Place

Ishiuchimaruyama Ski Resort. It is in a very cool nice town called Echigo-Yuzawa. I love the colder place more than hotter one, so I love it! Also, I learned how to snowboarding and I love it! I can't wait to snowboard again before winter is gone.