January Favourite List

I can't believe January was already finished yesterday. There is so many shitty stuff happened during that time, everything kind of back on normal track now. So hope my February will be better and better.

2. Favourite Food

Since I remade this amazing sauce, I change from a not big salad fan into a huge salad fan. This yummy sauce works with any different salads. Sauce: spring onion, sesame oil, sesame, dry chilly and salt, super simple and tasty. You will love it once you tried.

5. Favourite Products

In January, I bought lots of expensive things, such as my new MacBook, a new phone case and for my favourite game Monster Hunter XX on 3DS, I got a new 3DS LL on Chinese New Year. Maybe because I was so stressful back to January. 

Hope everything will be better during February.


1. Favourite Place

Karuizawa, Nagano. I think Nagano is my favourite area in Japan so far. I like how those architecture buildings there, you can find so many cool designed hotel resorts and museums. I didn't check all the fantastic places last time, so I definitely will go back this year.

3. Favourite Outfit

During New Year, the weather in Tokyo finally became a little bit cold. So I can start wearing my winter outfits (not really winter :D). I got myself some cheap clothes when all the shops are doing New Year's Sale. I don't usually buy clothes from Japanese local shop because the clothes are super expensive without sale period. And seriously I just don't feel so cool, when I wearing colourful clothing. XD So I decide stick on my personal style, which is more black and white + grey.