Travel in Japan - 鳥房 (Tori Fusa), Keisei Tachiishi, Tokyo

Couple weeks ago my boyfriend's friend took us a to a very traditional restaurant (more like izakaya) around Keisei Tateishi Station area. It is called Torifusa. This place is very old and traditional, it opens at 3 pm, and if you go there late, the chicken will be sold out.

4. Put everything under the table. Yes, I mean everything, so including your huge bag, coat etc. 

5. You need to order everything in one go. (of course, you can reorder drinks later as well). But you need to decide what you want before grandma settles everyone down.

6. If more than 3 people, the first time you are ordering the beer, grandma will automatically give you 2 bottles. No doubt.

7. There is a "rule" about how to eat the chicken, but people don't really know. You can as grandma's help, but this option is not recommended.

8. The toilet is outside.

We arrived at 2:45 pm and luckily out the group who were waiting outside. After couple minutes people starting lining up behind us. So you know this place is good!.
The funny thing is, seems the owner are very traditional and straight, so there are couple rules you better know before you go there. Even my boyfriend's Japanese friends are scared of the grandma working inside. lol

1. Don't get drunk before you go. Some people's face turns red easily after drinking. They will refuse you to go in. (There is a poster on the door says that)

2. When you get in you need to go through the stairs at the end of the room and need to be quick!

3. At the meantime, take off your coat. Grandma will be "mad" if you take off your coat on the tatami seat.

The chicken price is according on the day, so every day the price will be a little bit different. Also all the menu on hanging/sticking on the wall. I did see some article say the shop will refuse foreigners, so don't be mad.

It was a very fun experience during my whole life. If you want a challenge to have a go. If you feel very stressful, it is ok, I think you can buy like takeaway as well.