Travel in Japan - Tsukishima Random Walk, Tokyo

I found this cool small island one day when I watching TV, I like the name of it - Tsukishima. It means moon island. How beautiful is that? From the place I live, I can easily access by taking Tobu bus, or you can take underground as well.

Tsukishima is a very cool place that contains very old and traditional Japanese houses, as well as newly modern flats. You can see how traditional and modern things have combined with each other. 

The whole man-made island is not that big, you can walk through it maybe in an hour. I like walking around without purpose, you will find lots of interesting things and places. Some parts of Tsukishima still contains Edo period feeling, which is good. But sadly, there are lots of old buildings are under construction will be renewed soon. I found a very stylish warehouse along the riverside, as well as some tiny cafes, shops that own by old generations. 

If you plan to visit Tsukiji fish market, then you can visit here in the same day, you just need to cross the river. You can easily find the traditional shopping street on the map outside the station. Tsukishima is in Shitamachi area (下町), and it is popular with Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き), a kind of food that available in Shitamachi area. So definitely have a try, it might look disgusting, but tastes good, I promise.

If you like places that along to the river or contains traditional touches of Japan, Tsukishima is a must visit places for you. I can't stop myself taking photos of those houses that you can image the stories behind it. Maybe it is an island, so the wind is super strong, compare with central Tokyo, you might need to wear more layers in order to keep warm. If you like explore different places in Tokyo, please follows my Instagram and Twitter to see more photos and life in Japan.