New Asakusa Food Tour With Arigato Japan

After my first unique food tour with Arigato Japan, I had a very good time that time with the lovely host of special experiences and food in Tokyo. This time I saw Arigato Japan launched a new tour around Asakusa, one of my favourite place in Tokyo. I decided to join their special food adventure again.

The unforgettable Asakusa Tour starts from 11 am until 2:30 pm. I personally prefer tour during the daytime, because the weather in Tokyo is very nice especially during spring time, you can enjoying the sunshine during the tour time and taking lots of photos.

The main route which you will go through half of the shopping street (in Japanese it called - syotenkai) in front of Asakusa Senso-Ji, try some lovely local food (senbei - a type of Japanese rice crackers), then walk towards the new shopping street, you gonna have a very traditional lunch in one of the oldest local restaurants. Do wear cute socks, berceuse you need to take off your shoes in the restaurant :D.
After lunch, the host will explain some histories and stories about Asakusa. Then it is time for your second food experience. I think it may change according to the season. And thanks for this lovely Asakusa tour, I been there couple times but I never know that land actually has a temple and a shrine. 

Asakusa is one of the famous tourist spots in Tokyo. I have been there couple times but haven't discovered it all. The tour starts from the new tourist information center in front of the famous Kaminarimon area. The full tour including couple typical street foods around Asakusa area, a lovely lunch in a traditional restaurant and walking around. I like that place a lot because you can find lots of traditional family restaurants, shops and etc. But at the meantime, you can see both the new Tokyo Skytree in the background, that is a very special view.

Asakusa area is huge, it contains different parts around the main temple. We had walked past a very cool street that has lots of small individual izakayas, the guide told us this area will be super busy during the night. Also, there is a new building that behind the main area which sells all the region food around Japan. You can find lots of traditional food that from different parts of Japan. I like one of the shops that sales dry fruit in a glass bottle, I definitely will come back and try all of them. 
The final stop we stopped by is a tea shop. You will have an experience of drinking matcha. In Japan everything has lots of rules, so you will learn from those lovely hosts how to drink matcha in an official tea party. 

If you like places where has histories, Asakusa definitely is a must-visit place in Tokyo. I really like how Arigato Japan hosting their food tours in different areas around Tokyo. I highly recommend people who planning visit Japan this year check out their amazing tours, really worth it.