Travel in Japan - Yayoi Kusama "My Eternal Soul" Exhibition, The National Art Center, Tokyo

I thought after my exam I will have more time working on my blog posts, but... I become even busier than prepare my exam.

I went to this amazing exhibition at The National Art Center before my exam. The artist called Yayoi Kusama, If you love fashion, you might notice that she collaborated with LV couple years ago. Sadly I don't rich enough to get one of her collaboration product. TwT

The exhibition is huge, there are couple sections inside, you only can take photos at the very beigining, the huge display area and the outside space with the giant yellow iconic puppkin.

My favourite is two large sculptures in the middle of the display space. The colour is absolutely amazing, and the dots, when you standing in front of it, you can feel the soul behind each her work. Also follow the route, you will see how her life is changing during the time by time. 

I went there on the first weekend, so there are million of people in the exhibition as well as the ticket office. (My boyfriend bought me advance ticket with a puppkin keychain). I wanted to buy couple souvenirs at the end of the exhibition, but waiting time of the shop is about 45 minutes..... that is a joke... I won't do that. So I decide come back agian later during May get some cute souvenirs.

And 22th of March is her birthday!

Happy birthday!

The exhibition is called "My Eternal Soul". It opens from February 22, 2017, until Monday, May 22, 2017. So if you travel to Tokyo during this period, definitely go and have a look. I always want to visit this amazing architecture museum, just don't want to pay for the transport just to go and have a look. This time I finally had a chance, thanks to one of my favourite artists Yayoi Kusama's exhibition. The National Art Center has couple restaurants/cafes, one of them been filmed in lots of famous Japanese dramas, animes etc.