Started My New Airbnb + Before and After

I can't believe that I didn't update my blog for a while since I back from that tired ski trip with my bf's colleagues. I just don't like the people in his working industry and those people he hanging out.
I was been busy recovering from that trip since back to Tokyo, and suddenly my boss gave me lots of random things to work on. So that is why I didn't update my blog for a couple month.
But I am so happy that after those shitty days, I finally got my Airbnb rooms redecorated and listed online. (It is my boss's old flat, so I can't do anything I wanted). I tried my best to make this 70's~80's old flat looks brighter and comfortable.

Before my boss uses it as an office space, has lots of typical Asian style furniture, such as huge leather sofa, huge Kings size bed (still in the house, I really want to get rid of them and buy some new bed but I can't lol) and etc. It is almost impossible to buy a king size bed sheets in Japan, as no one has huge beds in their tiny house, especially Tokyo. At the end, I got a couple from a Chinese website.
The place has 1 Japanese traditional tatami room, 2 western room and a huge living room + kitchen. And it is only 5 minutes walk to Asakusa Senso-Ji, 10 minutes to Asakusa train station. I would love to live there after redecorated. :D

Here is the link to the individual house in the flat. Message me saying you see it on my blog I will offer you a special discount. :D
- Traditional Japanese Tatami Room

- Japanese King Bed Room

- Pokemon Theme Room