Travel in Japan - Kameari Random Walk

”Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo“ —— It is a Japanese comedy manga series. I am not sure how popular is this manga around the world. But during that time, it was so poplar that almost everyone knowns about it.

Besides these cute and real life bronzes, I also found a very popular bread shop in the neighbourhood, which is called Yoshida Pan (Lucky Bread). When we found it, it was around 2 pm but still lots of people queuing outside. 

The shopping is selling a variety of flavour bread that you can choose the inside stuffing by yourself. I bought a Monday to Saturday limited edition, fried ham with salad (300 yen). At the beginning, I thought the price is a little bit high, but it tasted so good and diffidently worth the price. All the people were buying at least 5 per person. XD 

In real life, the story happens around Kamari Station, Tokyo. It was the longest manga from 1975 to 2016. You can get a map which contains each characters bronze's location. It was quite a bit walk, so I only found a couple of them. :D The main character Ryo-san's bronze is outside the Kameari Station north exit. Follow the map, you can find all of them around this popular neighbourhood.

If you want to experience the original place of one of the oldest manga was based on and a very tasty Lucky Bread, then try out Kameari neighbourhood. It is a very traditional and interesting place to spend a weekend.
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