Travel in Japan - Secreat Heaven Yubari, Hokkaido

When we talk about Hokkaido I guess most of the people will think about Sapporo, Niseko these popular places. However, do you ever know, there is a special place called Yubari. 

The hotel has everything you want, such as small shop for buying drinks, beers, a cafe for after relaxing time, a nature onsen that you can relax after a day hanging out or skiing/snowboarding. All the ski rental product feels now new, I feel that is the best facilities that rented during the last ski season.

So if you are looking for a quiet ski resort without all the tourists, as well as budget hotel, onsen and some abandoned places, Yubari will be the next good destination for you. I can't wait to go back there again during this ski season because my aim this year is become a snowboarder more than a beginner lol.

Yubari is about 1 hour 30 minutes drive by car from Chitose Airport, or you can take JR train. Last time we stayed at the only one hotel called - Hotel Mount Racey in this town. The train station just outside the hotel, about 30 seconds walk. Also it has it is own ski resort during the winter. The ski resort has the best powder snow for beginners and expert skiers. Also during the summer time, you can enjoy all you can eat the best Yubari Melon in Japan at the hotel restaurant. Autumn is the best time to see red leaves and enjoy some BBQ time.

Yubari used to be a very popular town with the high population during the day, however, after the world using less core, younger people and old residents had moved out the city. So there are so many abandoned buildings, houses, also one abandoned amusement park ( it been covered by grass, and I am scared of the bear, so my boyfriend and I didn't get in).