Travel in Japan - Samurai Cafe in Kameido


I found this one near my place couple month ago when I am relaxing in another café that day. So I decided to check that out with a boyfriend. The name of the café is called “Samurai”. It was hiding in a very small street on the 2F. When you walk in, the classic interior design makes you feel like 70-80’s café house. 


If you have been to Japan, you might know there are so many cafés around those big cities. And of course you can find those famous brand such as Starbucks, and Doutor (a Japanese local coffee shop). Sadly they don’t have Pret here, their earl grey tea is one of my favourite flavours.

However, the interesting thing is you can find lots of small local café house run by local Japanese people. Some of them might already last for more than 30 years. 


We choose the very famous seat by the counter. I think if there are only couple guests in the café, you can even choose your own cups from the shelf. We ordered a cinnamon toast and drip coffee. The staff there are very friendly, they even checked I am ok with sweet flavour toast. 

You can also find such as curry or cake this kind of light food during lunchtime. The only thing I don’t like about Japanese café is you still can smoke inside. So if you like me very sensible about the smell, then it might be a little bit annoying. 


Overall, the toast tastes amazing, as well as the coffee. Also, they are making all the food freshly in front of you. So you don’t need to worry pay for some microwaved shxtty food. Lol
The location of the shop is bit difficult find, it is based on JR Sobu Line – Kameido Station. You need to take the north exit and about 2 minutes walk. If you like coffee, you definitely should try this very special café house during your trip.