Travel in Japan - Naeba Ski Resort


This time we decided to take Shinkansen. It costs us around 22,000 yen total (return ticket x2). Because we thought that the hotel will provide free shuttle bus. After we booked the Shinkansen ticket, we realised that the earliest free shuttle bus only at 8:30 or 9:00 am and it took about 45 minutes from Yuzawa Station to the resort. Because we don't want to waste around 2 hours of snowboarding time so we took a local bus which costs us around 800 yen ( 2 people and you need to pay 100 yen extra for each snowboard or ski). 


And another thing you need to notice is, if you are planning skiing there during the work day, the latest free shuttle bus finishes at 5 pm. So if you don't want to miss any run until the ski resort is closed, then it will be very difficult to reach the JR Shinkansen Station. The local bus is finished around 6 pm I think. Of course, you can always take a taxi, but it will be super expensive and you might not possible to find one there.

Overall, the Naeba Skill Resort is good, but the service and food of Prince Hotel are bad! I high recommend go there by car and book an Airbnb or local small Ryokan. It will be more relaxable and maybe get a better service.

Since I fall in love with snowboarding, I have been researching of all the ski resort around Tokyo all the time. Couple weeks ago (maybe the end of 2017), my boyfriend and I made a trip to Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata that belongs to The Prince Hotel Group.

If you are living in Tokyo and you want to go skiing and snowboarding, it will be difficult. Because most of the places with good mountains and snow are far away from Tokyo. So you need to take at least one Shinkansen to reach the area. My boyfriend and I used to rent a car because it will be more relaxed during the trip and you can control your own time.  


There are total 3 different ski resorts in that area which all belongs to The Prince Hotel Group. You can buy one ticket for all 3 ski resorts or you can separate tickets. The resort is good,  but the services of Prince Hotel are bad. No free luggage storage for hotel guests, you need to pay 500 yen for onsen even if you are living in the hotel, the food in the restaurant is bad as well and the shuttle bus time is very awkward.

We bought a 2-day ticket (including night ski). The ski resort is good, very big and has lots of different lifts and runs. Also, there are couple different beginner courses which can suit different beginner levels. Around the middle of the mountain, there is a quiet beginner run, which has a good view and fewer people. Because it is a ski resort by Prince Hotel so if you don't have a car, the food you can choose are those restaurants inside the hotel.  We had lunch there, and the food was expensive and taste awful. You can tell it is pre-cooked food which they just heat it in an oven. VERY BAD!