Travel in Japan - Angelus Cafe, Asakusa Tokyo

If you are looking for some historical rest stop in Asakusa area, then Angelus, founded in 1946, will be your best choice in Asakusa.

angelus cafe asakusa

Angelus is located on Orange Tori. The out front is a glass counter selling the variety of seasonal fancy cakes. I walked past there all the time and finally decided to have a rest after work. 
The outside of the house looks very normal, however, when you walk in, the whole building contains 4 different layouts.

The main concept of this retro cafe is using dark brown wood and creamy wall paint. Once you walk in, the atmosphere takes you back to 1946 that period. Here, most of the customers are older generations. You can tell that they might be started visit here since they were young. 

angelus cafe asakusa

I ordered a strawberry cake with a blended coffee. The coffee tastes good, as well as this cute strawberry cake. The price compares with those chain coffee shops will be a little bit expensive. Therefore, 500 yen for a cup of coffee in this kind of retro cafe seems very normal in Japan. They very care about the quality of the food as well as the environment. 

angelus cafe asakusa
angelus asaksua

When you sitting inside Angelus by the window seat. You can see local people and tourists from all around the world walking pass. In this fast-moving century, there are so many histories and traditional buildings and culture are losing day by day.
Time to forget about Starbucks, this is the best place for you to experience the real Japanese culture and lifestyle.

Address: 1 Chome-17-6 Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo 111-0032