Travel in Japan - Fujiten Ski Resort

Since I am full in love with snowboarding, so I am always searching for good ski resort around Japan. Sadly in Tokyo, it is kind of difficult and expensive if you want to go ski. And the other fact is that all the ski resorts are far away from Tokyo. I believe that Fujiten is one of the closest ski resorts that you can have a short snowboard holiday during the weekend. 

fujiten ski resort


Ski Resrot

fujiten ski resort
fujiten ski resort

My boyfriend and I rent a car and took us about maybe less than 2 hours to arrive the resort. The good thing is as we living Tokyo, so we will get a special discount for ski lift ticket on Monday.
The resort looks better than the photo on its website. We arrived before it is opening, and got on the first lift. The early snow is a bit dry for me, I personally prefer more powder than ice snow. But the view is absolutely stunning.

The resort is not that big, but if you are a beginner like me, it is more than enough. I spent one day to practicing turning on the basic beginner turn, which you can take the main lift. 

As for the food, if you want to save money, it is better to bring your own sandwich etc. The restaurant on the first floor serves ramen, simple Japanese food. But the taste is below average and not cheap. So bring some sandwich or biscuit as well as drinks will be cool.

Overall, if you are living in Tokyo or other places around Japan, you can check Fujiten's official website to find out which date offers a discount for your area. It can save some money for you :D