Travel in Japan - 天国カフェ Coffee of Tengoku, Asakusa

As my working space is near Asakusa and my Airbnb is in Asakusa as well, so I almost go through there every single day. This cafe - Coffee of Tengoku always has lots of people queueing outside. Finally, I picked up a time and visited this cafe. Be aware, even if you go there on the weekday, you might still need to wait for a bit in order to get in.


Coffee of Tengoku is a very small local cafe in Asakusa, it has less than 10 seats which is a very traditional Japanese way. Tengoku in Japanese means "Heaven". 
The popular food here which is the Tengoku Pankake. Also, you can choose Tengoku hotdog etc. 

I personally do not really like pancakes and sweet stuff, so for me, it tastes just fine. But seems in Japan, sweet things are very popular. They like pancakes, ice-creams, sweet toasts etc.


Generally, the coffee tastes good, pancake to me very average. Cafe environment is standard, a little bit crowded. 

If you are interested in this cafe and want to get some special survivors home, this can be a fun place.

Address: Address: 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taitō, Asakusa, 1−41−9 (Tuesday closed)