Travel in Japan - Kikkoman Milk Drink Taste Challenge

In Japan there are so many different kinds of drinks, food in convenient store.  Here just one of that big collections - Kikkoman milk drink.

I like to collect the same thing with different packagings, flavours or colours. So I decided to try this Kikkoman milk drink during this summer. Here is 14 flavours, which I don't think they are all of them, I know I missed one picture of the original soy bean milk drink.

The flavour from top left to bottom is: orange chocolate, grape fruit, mocha, pudding, ice-cream, melon, summer fruits, cocoa, pineapple, banana, coffee, black sesame, black tea and strawberry. My favourite tastes are mocha, coffee and black tea. Or should I say these flavours taste normal. Others are not too sweet, or too much manmade flavour. :D

I am also trying different flavour of Suntory drinks, ice-creams etc. Will write a post about these products as well in the future.